New Things!

After all the worrying about making mistakes on the coding tests and interviews I did, I seem to have been fairly successful!

I started my third week with Granify on Monday and so far am loving every second of it!

It’s a great company doing some awesome things with AI/Machine Learning and trying to make a difference to the world of e-commerce. If you don’t know about them, I highly recommend giving their site a read!

Since starting, funnily enough I’ve had two follow ups from previous coding challenges and job applications in the last week. It’s reassuring, and one of them was even so nice as to wish me luck, add me on LinkedIn and say to let them know if I’m ever available in the future! Super pleased.

Things are getting by very well right now. There’s always things I want to improve, and I’m working on them day by day, but it’s certainly been a good decision to come here so far. 🙂