Setting up shop

Landed safely at Edmonton Intl. airport! My flight was good, and you can see below some impressive views I got from above.

Getting through the border was relatively painless, although there was a scare when the border agent had difficulties with a section of my visa acceptance and had to redo the entire thing!

Not including the day I landed, I’ve had two full days here so far.

Day 1: Unpacking and organising my room, shopping, talking with my landlord, updating friends and family with status updates, messages, emails, photos and videos.

Day 2: Familiarised myself with the public transport out of Fort Saskatchewan and into Edmonton. Got my SIN updated with my work visa, opened a bank account (and set off a international money transfer), shopped in Walmart for more essentials, lots and lots of walking! Spent some time around the centre of the city, below the river near the uni, and the northern outskirts.

Everything is so flat and green!

I haven’t been into the city centre proper yet, and I’ll leave this for a day when I don’t ache so much from yesterdays walk!

Things have worked out well so far, a lot easier than I expected in fact, and I’m excited to get on with job seeking next week. The remainder of this week is dedicated to scheduling, updating my resume and portfolio, getting into some side projects I’ve had planned but not made time for, exploring more of where I live and spending a lot of time in the sun.



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