Yesterday I was in my house by the seaside of Wales with my best friend/partner throughout university, celebrating our past, present and future.

Today I said goodbye to her, wishing her luck in the future, thanking her for everything and wishing her the best. It’s potentially one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve had to do.

In just over a week I’ll be flying to Canada, looking for software engineering roles to continue my career and settling into a new city (for anywhere up to 2yrs!).

I’ve said “good luck, thank you and see you again” to friends a lot recently. The nature of graduating, it seems. We’ll keep in touch, support and motivate one another, but it’s still sad. I’m sure I’ll see some again, but transitioning from the end of University and saying farewell to my home, family and friends to a new city with unknowns is hard.

What is challenging is not what is wrong though. I can’t say I’m making the right decision, leaving everything and seeing a greener field, but what I’m going to feels full of excitement, new opportunities and hopefully a glowing future. It’s what I feel I have to do. Not doing it may leave me with always wondering “what if”. If it goes well, fantastic, if not, then at least I gave it a shot, no matter how difficult it feels right now. Here’s to making it work and succeeding!

To all my friends throughout Uni, I’ve probably said it to you already, but thank you for the years of support, debating, rivalry and fun. I wish you nothing but the best for your future. Keep in touch, and feel free to drop by any time. You’ve got this.


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