Portfolio Website updated

Just finished doing round one of an update on my portofio webpage. jameseuesden.co.uk

This was mainly updating the text and what project I have on showcase. There’s a few more things I’d like to do:

  • Improve the way work is showcased
  • Host this blog on my own web host rather than here on the uni file server
  • Change the design of this blog
  • Update the content once I have graduated to reflect that I am no longer a student
  • Redo the design (maybe)

I’m thinking about going back over some of my older projects (those showcased and some of those that aren’t) and making short blog posts about some of the more interesting aspects of their design and/or implementation. It will be nice to go over my previous work and reflect on my time at Uni, what I’ve learned, how I have improved and highlight some of the really cool stuff I got the opportunity to work on.