Group Project Log – #7

I’ve been doing more work on the Design Spec, Detailed Design section.

To get my head around what exactly was needed, I e-mailed Bernie for some advice. I think it seems okay, but I’m not wholly convinced that what I’ve done is correct. I look forward to the feedback of the section so I can know what needs to be changed/updated for the final version.

I’m hoping the whole project will come together, but I’m a little worried about consistency. We all seem to know where the application design and model is heading, but we don’t seem to be 100% on the same page, which is what the design specification should really be doing. Tying together our classes, methods and different programs, so we all know what it is we’re building and how.

We’ve got coding week booked for just after exams. Fun times!

Hours logged: 3hr 30


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