Group Project Log – #6

Working on the Design Spec:

UML Class Diagrams
Class Descriptions

In-depth description of notable methods
State Diagrams

These are the proposed sections so far that I’ve been working on for the first draft. It still has some distance to go but should be well rounded for the full draft review.

Hours: 3.5 – 4 hours (Worked on in stages, researched android components, uploading code to GitHub, note taking, thought thinking, type typing, etc)


Group Project Log – #5

Busy times since the last meeting. I’ve been focusing on my AI assignment (due today) and so not had much chance to do anything else.

I’ve got the plans for our GitHub work flow and will be writing them up today to show in the meeting later. I haven’t started on the UML yet and I’m still waiting for the code from Jack to proceed. I’ve asked him to get it up on GitHub, or just e-mail it to me if he doesn’t know how to use it yet.

Hours: Unlogable so far. The time spent on planning out the work flow isn’t significant enough. I’ll update this after I’ve made a tangible plan to show in the meeting.


I love LucidChart.

As a student (and getting a free account!) it has been one of the most useful assets in my arsenal of assignment documentation tools. I’ve been using it since my first semester in year 1 and found it useful for UML, Use Case and Flowcharts.

I have tried using Visio but found it a little too bulky. LucidChart is quick, clean, simple and makes it very easy to create quick and professional diagrams. Give it a try! I recommend it to any other fellow students and graduates.

Group Project Log – #4

We met up on Thursday to cover the Testing Specification and follow up on a number of things from the previous minutes. I took down this weeks minutes. Unfortunately, a few key members were not present and so we were only able to cover half of topics we had set for that meeting.

For our next meeting, I have been doing some research into if there is a suite we could use to log our tests and their results (aside Office/Excel/Google Docs). So far, my results haven’t turn up anything promising that wouldn’t lead to paying for a service or working on a free trial. I intend to continue looking for a Free alternative. Excel/Google Docs should work well enough for holding data regarding our tests for the time being.

Our Design Specification (SE.QA.05A) is due on the 3rd of December. Reading through the design spec has given me a ‘heads up’ of what to do. I believe a member of our group, Jack, has started early on the implementation of the application. We will be attending a meeting next week (Tuesday/Thursday) for everyone to see the code so far. I am a little concerned that by jumping the gun on coding before explicit designs have been made, there many need to be many changes later. However, as Jack has had industrial experience with mobile development, I’m hopeful that it will be relatively simple to understand his code and document it in the Design Specification over the coming weeks.

Time: 1hr

Return from Careers Event @Gregynog

I spent Friday night and the majority of today at Gregynog Hall, in Montgomeryshire. The event was working on personal and professional development to boost my chances of landing the Industrial Year placement I want. The focus was on all stages of the application process. CVs, Covering Letters, Interviews and Assessment Centres.

I’ve taken a lot away from the weekend. My next steps involve reacting to the feedback on my CV/Covering letter to make them shine and worth the skills and experience I have. There were many chances to improve my interview and presentation skills, which I really enjoyed and feel much more confident for. Not to mention asking the interviewers to give me a bit of a hard time to truly prepare me for tougher interview situations. It was great!

One of the most exciting things over the weekend was meeting actual industrialists, many of whom were talent spotting at the event. After talking with a number of them, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to give me an advantage over my competitors (more experience outside of Uni studies relevant to career path). I’ll also be submitting my CV to one of them who is part of a company that really gets me excited.

If anyone from Gregynog reads this, I would like to thank you for coming along and providing us with a fantastic environment to learn and improve ourselves. The whole event was a great time and I feel far more confident about applying for industrial year and graduate placement jobs now than I did before.

Group Project Log – #3

Not too much to update this week. I was scheduled to take minutes but came down with a bug over the end period of last week and so was absent for the meeting.
We are currently working on the Project Plan (which is due before tomorrow’s tutorial). I will be going through the Use Case and GUI designs made by Jack tomorrow morning and putting in any finishing touches before passing it to Laura to be compiled together to complete the document.