Group Project Log – #2

Not much for this week, just deciding a case for which map system to use.

After doing some research, I think it might be a good idea to go with the other suggested map system, OpenStreetMap. I’ll pose my reasons why at the meeting tomorrow.

I think that was all I was assigned this week aside thinking of names!

Group Project Log – #1

Starting this week, I will be documenting the work I do for the Group Project (Group 6) while we create our ‘Walking Tour’ app for Android based smartphones.

I’m looking forward to doing it.
My role is somewhere between ‘tech/code’, GitHub guy and a bit of web, along with pitching in on every other task a little bit, the same as everybody else.

My task for this week was to look into setting up Google Maps and plotting locations.
I’ve done this before in a little more detail (see here), so it wasn’t too difficult.
JavaScript can be a little messy sometimes though, so the way I have implemented the map I just linked and the one I will link here for the Group Project will probably be a little different.
I would definitely recommend keeping all information in a database and working out a way for the JavaScript to be called by function for adding new markers and info boxes.
JavaScript has a habit of re-using new data for variables on older sections you may have previously thought declared and set. This issue will become apparent to anyone working with infoboxes and trying to set content Strings using one variable repeatedly.

For ease of demonstration, I’ve used separate variables for each location and info boxes.
See the example map here.
Until I’m sure on where we should host our Walking Tour website, I’ve hosted this on my own personal domain. I wish to move this to a more permanent home when I can. Perhaps my Aber Uni filestore public_html at a later date.

– James