Return to Uni

First day back in lectures, starting with Data Structures, Abstract Data Types and Algorithms. We should be getting our first assignment next week, so I’ll update again with info about this and my progress. We’ll also be starting our group project from next week… I’m curious to see who I will be grouped with!

I’m really looking forward to this year. It is said to be much more difficult than last year (to be expected), and I know it’s going to involve a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.

Moved into a new house at the start of this month and settled in very well.

During this year I’ll be looking for an Industrial Year placement. I’d love to go back and work in Canada, or to try my hand at working in Europe or Asia. Aside any language barriers, realistically I’m not so sure I can financially support myself outside of the UK, though I will still be looking at all my options.

Update soon.
– Take care