Summer Updates

Good Afternoon Blog,

I’ve been working at the company I mentioned in my last post for over a month now and it’s been fantastic! The company is School Spider, making websites for Primary Schools, where they have access to their own CMS and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and every onece in a while the odd business job (current project is for a Health and Food awareness business).

I’ve been working with the front end side of the websites and with data transfers from older websites, so my knowledge and experience with HTML(X, 5), supporting modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 7 – 10), JavaScript, CSS3 and PHP has increased substantially. Not to mention learning how to keep entertained and active on an 1hr 30 – 2hr commute every morning and evening and directly working with clients and their ideas (some fantastic, some not so fantastic). It’s been a great experience so far!

As an added bonus, because I was hired to do the work as an outside party, and not as an employee, I’ve registered as self-employed. While I wasn’t too sure about this at first, it does mean that my back is covered (in terms of taxes and the legality of working there) and I will hopefully have work lined up to do during University from the same company.

I’ve been working on my portfolio website today and should have something live soon.

Take care,
– James