Results, Summer, Second Year

Pre-Note: My Blockmation assignment result was 100%!!! I couldn’t be more pleased or proud of myself. Those hours working away at making everything exactly as I wanted, combing my code and write-up and long nights paid off in full.
End of Note.

On Friday we get our results (a little nervous..). I’m hoping to still be achieving 1st in the majority of subjects. I’m a little worried that Telematics will be lower, but I won’t be as disappointed about that compared to anything else. If Software Development and Web Development Tools both come back as a 1st, I’ll be over the moon about it!
Once results are released, I’ll have free reign to update my personal website and the design of this blog. I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve been offered work at a small web development and design studio focusing on school education websites! (They make websites where teachers can have their own access portals to see homework uploaded by students, do online marking, etc). I’m not going to post much info about this as I start on Monday for a bit of a trial, hopefully leading into a month+ of work.

Second Year:
I’m really excited for it. Learning new programming languages, studying new algorithms, the large group project, OOMAK (Youth Enterprise business), meeting new people, making new contacts and focusing on the future career and/or projects. This year has certainly brought a lot. Here’s hoping the second year goes just as well. I’ll certainly be working just as hard. 🙂

Bye for now!